Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beta Fish Aquarium

Setting Up A Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium
by Lee Dobbins

A freshwater tropical fish aquarium can be a wonderfully peaceful and ever-changing decorative item in any room but many people never get to experience them because they simply are afraid that it is too much work to set them up and maintain them properly. But this could not be further from the truth, in fact, an aquarium and can be very easy to set up and maintain if you simply follow two basic rules and those are making sure that tank cycles through its nitrogen cycle probably and never overloading it with tropical fish.

The size of your tropical fish aquarium is also important. If you think you're going to want to keep a lot of fish you better get a big fish tank. Generally, the larger the tank the easier it will be for you to maintain. The size of your aquarium directly relates to how many tropical fish you can keep in it and the more water you have the more of a chance will have to react and fix your water quality should start to go downhill.

In addition to the aquarium, you will need a heater, lighting, the filtration system, substrate (gravel), and a hood. Sometimes you can find these in kits at the aquarium store. Always try to buy the best that you can afford in if you're not sure then asked the store clerk and they'll be a will to explain everything to you. More...


How to Buy The Right Aquarium
by Kathy Strander

Aquariums are expensive and you may end up spending a lot of money for it. A smart buying exercise will help you get a good aquarium within reasonable price. Before you start looking for an aquarium it will be wise to know a few things. You should be clear as to the number of fish, type of fish and the kind of decor you would like to have.

If this is your first aquarium you may be thinking that you should start off with a small tank and just a couple of fish. However, this may not be the way to go. When you are setting up an aquarium you are essentially trying to setup a mini ecosystem with the proper pH balance and even living plant life. The smaller the tank the harder this is to accomplish. Twenty gallons is a good size to start with. This may seem like a lot but you certainly don't want your fish to be cramped.

When choosing the fish it will have to be decided whether you want salt or fresh water fish. The tropical fish are fresh water fish. They both cannot be kept together. You can start with a few fish, say four or five. You can always increase the number when you desire.

Before you randomly choose some fish, do some Internet research or talk to the pet store employees. Some fish species don't interact well and may actually eat one another for lunch. More...


I've just finished putting all these tips, techniques and secrets into a new guide that will show you how to have a stunning aquarium full of tropical fish... without spending a fortune and with almost NO WORK! And it's called...

Tropical Fish Secrets! Kind of an unusual title isn't it? However, it's very appropriate. You see, I told you I love aquariums. I think they are beautiful. They are vibrant, colorful, living pieces of art right in YOUR home!

It's always fun when a guest comes into my home for the first time... you can see their eyes light up like a little kids' and exclaim, "Wow, an aquarium!" as they make a "B-line" for it and proceed to gawk in amazement!

Who gets tired of that?

Something I never bargained for when I first started keeping fish was, when I got a little older, how much my kids would enjoy the aquarium. They are all just so enthralled with their little pets... they've even given them all names!

As an added's educational! It's like having a science class right in your home. And feeding them is their job... it's nice for them to take some responsbility too, no matter how little it is. More...

Beta Fish Aquarium